Your Opportunity for Industry Recognition

Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge with your industry peers, face-to-face? Do you have experience that could help improve processes and results? If your wealth of knowledge and experience can greatly advance the transportation of energy, including corrosion control, construction practices, integrity management and environmental and regulatory compliance, then we invite you to submit an abstract for a paper presentation today.

Presentations Due: February 15, 2018

Protective Coatings for Energy Transportation

This track will be focused around protective coatings and linings for pipelines, ships, vessels, storage tanks and rail cars.  Emphasis will be on environmentally sound materials and practices, including remediation of coatings with asbestos or lead. 

Main audience would be coating applicators, manufacturers, operators and engineers.

Cathodic Protection of Facilities

This track will be focused on practices for the application, testing and remediation of cathodic protection of facilities. 

Main audience will be cathodic protection consultants and pipeline company personnel responsible for application of cathodic protection as well as operators and engineers.

Best Practices for Construction

This track will be focused on all aspects of pipeline construction including permitting, environmental impact studies, Right-Of-Way compatibility, AC Mitigation and public consultation

Asset Integrity Management

This track will be focused on Pipeline Integrity Management including cathodic protection, ECDA, In-line inspection and corrosion analysis.

Main audience will be Pipeline Integrity Engineers

Advances in Environmental and Regulatory Compliance

This track will be focused on environmental and regulatory compliance for new energy assets. 

Main audience will be engineering consultants, asset owners and operators.

Maritime and Marine Corrosion Management

This track will be focused on all aspects of maritime and marine corrosion management. Assets include ships, shoreline structures, as well as military assets.